Skills and experience

When it comes to programming, C++ and Java are the languages im very experienced with.

I'm also familiar with Visual Basic. Basic knowladge of html and css can also be counted as skills of mine. I also know SQL quite well.


In March 2017 I programmed a tool for detecting and preventing attacks of crypto-trojans that try to encrypt NAS-systems. The tool was made for Falch GmbH Germany. During my time at Falch I also created an export plugin for the CAD-software "SolidWorks". This plugin is able to export the data of an object to an ERP-system. Therefore I aquired knowladge of databases and the language SQL.


In 2018 I completed my internship at EEB GmbH as a software-engineer. During my time at EEB we worked on a webapplication written in Java. As far as project management is concerened I used SCRUM everyday and consider myself very used to it. The sparetime during my practical semester I spent with developing my own IoT devices using raspberry pis and microcontrollers.



Back in January 2013 I've started to create my first 3D-models. I came in touch with rendering of scenes, lighting and composion of such. The main program I work with in this branch is the powerful freeware Blender. Since then I made hundres of small models and game assets. In late 2016 we made a shortmovie as a university project which shows the basic knowladge of animating, modeling and texturing. The clip can be found at the "work"-section on this website.