Skills and experience

Software Development

When it comes to programming, C++, C# and Java are the languages im very experienced with, recently I came in touch with JavaScript.

I fluently work with Unity Engine in 2D, 3D and VR.

I'm also familiar with Visual Basic. During my work, like every developer, I came in touch with SQL.


In March 2017 I programmed a tool for detecting and preventing attacks of ransomware-trojans that try to encrypt NAS-systems. The tool was made for Falch GmbH Germany. During my time at Falch I also created an export plugin for the CAD-software "SolidWorks". This plugin is able to export the data of an object to an ERP-system. Therefore I aquired knowladge of databases and the language SQL. I was also responsible for domain managemant using Windows Active Directory.


In 2018 I completed my internship at EEB GmbH as a software-engineer intern. During my time at EEB we worked on a front- and backend webapplication written in Java, which can be accessed via browser. As far as project management is concerened I used SCRUM everyday and consider myself very used to it. The sparetime during my practical semester I spent with developing my own IoT devices using raspberry pi's and microcontrollers.

Since mid 2018 I worked as a working student at EEB GmbH. Backend development of an Office-application in C# was one of my tasks. I also got fairly deep into Softwaretesting and Testmanagement during that time, as I developed automatic unit-tests in Java and integrated it in testmanagement software.

In 2019 we worked on a university project "Raytracing on NVIDIA RTX Graphics card". Since a driverupdate in late 2018 every GPU from GTX 1060 and upwards are able to use the NVIDIA raytracing extension. In a team of five we then build a program which implemented various shaders and effects that are raytracing related. The documentation in German can be found here.


In the course of my studies in masters, I have done some projects in the field of game engineering. One of them is a serious game for VR psychotherapy, which is based on exposure therapy and tries to support agoraphobia therapy.


Since March 2020 I am a working student at Kasasi GmbH in Kempten, Germany. I primarly work as a frontend developer using the JavaScript library React.

3D Development

Back in January 2013 I've started to create my first 3D-models. I came in touch with rendering of scenes, lighting and composion of such. The main program I work with in this branch is the powerful freeware Blender. Inevitably I came in touch with other tools like Substance Painter, ZBrush and Mudbox. Since then I made hundreds of small models and game assets. In late 2016 we made a shortmovie as a university project which shows the basic knowladge of animating, modeling and texturing. The clip can be found at the "work"-section on this website.

Looking at the Serious Game for VR, some advanded models and texturing processes can be observed.

Photoshop skills at an advanced level come in handy when dealing with texturing and other art related work.