Software Projects


  • VR Serious Game for psychotherapy, which is based on exposure therapy and tries to support agoraphobia therapy. The game uses the Unity HDRP Renderpipeline. Done in the course of serious games.


  • 2D Jump & Run Game in Pixelart, realized with Unity Engine.

  • 2.5D Sidescroller Airplane Shooter (Link follows soon)


  • Discord bot for computer science facutly at Univeristy of Applied Sciences Kempten


  • Theoretical software project called "Gliding Organizer". The final .pdf can be seen here: Dropbox



this list is currently being updated

Digital Art

Skills in Photoshop and Illustrator have been aquirent during a course at the University of Applied Sciences Kempten.

Rendered in cycles using multilayered textures. Focus was the comprehensive use of Blenders Node-Systems.


Here you can see a few models that I made. At the bottom of the site are the oldest creations and at the top the recent ones.

During the development of the Serious Game: Subway Simulator.

Made using Blender and Substance Painter.

A cartoon house. Made in 1 hour for speed modeling training.

Thats a gunship inspired from the movie "avatar".


Following model is rigged and ready for use in animations or games. The community impressions on Sketchfab speak for itself.

A cartoon world made with particles and rendered in cycles. Focus was the knowledge of particle systems.